If you plan to start your own website, sooner or later you will have to decide on what kind of hosting system you need, Windows or Linux?

The answer to this question is not so straightforward. When you buy a laptop, you just go with the operating system that you are familiar with. But when choosing the OS for your hosting system, your familiarity with the OS is not as important as the functionality you need for your website.

In general, Linux is the most preferred hosting platform. Here are some of the major differences between Linux and Windows hosting.

  1. Stability.

A server runs 24/7. It should be stable and require minimal reboots. Linux systems are more stable than the Windows system, especially when running multiple databases. Windows is also unreliable when you set a huge number of scheduled tasks.

  1. Security

Most of the attackers target Windows servers owing to the number of vulnerabilities in its architecture. Due to the domination of windows in the desktop environment, most viruses and trojans are aimed at the Microsoft products more than any other operating system.

On the other hand, Unix’s rights management system has made Linux harder to breach. Only the root users have access to modify important directories and programs. Files that try to hide and attack can be easily discovered on the Linux system.

  1. Applications

Another big advantage is the number of applications that run on Linux versus Windows. If you plan to run a lot of Microsoft applications on your site, Windows is the best platform for you. But for 90% of casual users of websites, Linux is the best options because of the number of applications that run on Linux. Applications like cPanel have made website management easy even for novice users.

Using cPanel, even a non-IT person can install a WordPress application and start his low key website. The system is so easy now that the whole operation runs on pressing two buttons. cPanel even auto upgrades the WordPress and its plug-ins. Apart from WordPress, you can also install Joomla, PhpBB, Tiki Wiki and even Drupal on your website with a simple one-click instals.

Windows has an alternative to cPanel called Plesk, and it provides an almost similar set of tools and capabilities.

If your plan is to run an HTML, or a WordPress based site, Linux Hosting platform. would be the easiest option.

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